502 Bad Gateway Error: What to Do


The 502 Bad Gateway error shows that that an online server got an invalid response from another online server. Thus, since it is generally a network error, the problem doesn’t lie with your computer nor your Internet connection.


But just to be sure that nothing is wrong on your side, you can try a few options:


Webpage Reload


Even if a 502 Bad Gateway error is actually a networking error that is out of your control, it can be very temporary. Reload the page a few times and see what happens.


Browser Issues


> Close all browser windows, open a new one and type in the URL of the page you wanted to access.


The error you got may also be related to your browser use. A quick restart of your browser can end the issue.


> Empty your browser’s cache and remove cookies.


Outdated or corrupted files and cookies your browser stores, can also cause 502 problems. If that is the cause, just junk those cached files and you’re done.


> Open a browser in Safe Mode.


A browser in Safe Mode runs on default settings, so absolutely no add-ons or extensions, including toolbars. If the 502 error doesn’t appear while your browser is running on Safe Mode, it is likely that a browser extension or setting had caused of the issue. Either reset your browser to default or remove the extension which you think is bringing you trouble.


> Try using another browser.


If you tried another browser and the gateway problem doesn’t appear, then it must be your original browser that is having issues. Just reinstall that browser and see how it goes.




There are temporary issues with your computer and how it connects to your network, and those could be causing 502 errors, especially if the appears on more than one website. A restart would definitely help in this scenario. Know about Bluesnap Payments Test here!


Networking Equipment


Problems with networking devices like modems, switches and routers can also cause 502 Bad Gateway errors. A quick restart could be the solution.


DNS Servers


You can also try changing the DNS servers on your computer or device, or your router. DNS server issues can also lead to gateway errors.


The Website


If everything is unsuccessful, you may also contact the website you want to access. Never hurts to try. If the issue is from their side, they will probably have experts fixing it, but it’s fine just to tell them your experience. Learn about Bluesnap Checkout Assessment here!


Your ISP


The last place you can check – after your browser, computer, and network – is your ISP. Yes, they too can be the cause of 502 Bad Gateway errors. If you chose a good ISP, you shouldn’t have a problem talking to them about this. Check out this website at http://itlaw.wikia.com/wiki/Online_wallet for more facts about payments.


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